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-Mr. Len Garae from the Vanuatu Daily Post

There may be only a handful of individuals left who are as capable as Vanuatu’s first ever entrepreneur, Joseph Jacobé, who is both physically and mentally sound as he works non-stop with his cattle and fruit trees on his farm at Whitesands.


Mr. Joseph Jacobé - Port Vila, Vanuatu
We are a family based company
Mr. Joseph Jacobé founded his small family company over 30 years ago.  He has been passing down his knowledge to four generations now.  Many of Mr. Jacobé's children are involved in different aspects of the business along with his grandchildren and even now, some of his great-grandchildren.


Mr. Jacobé has always believed in being loyal to the people of his country by helping to support Vanuatu's local farmers & in turn the local Vanuatu economy.  To this day, our company buys tamanu nuts from families in the

remote islands of Vanuatu.  We cold press the tamanu nuts and the oil is extracted. This brings in an income for families who's only livelihood is working their organic gardens as they live a simple life.

Mr. Jacobé's oldest grandson, Sammy Joseph Raikatalau along with his wife Shree Naidoo and their children, reside in the USA where they have launched the North American branch of Pure Tamanu.  Sammy, president of the USA branch, leads sales & operations.  It is not unusual for him to correspond directly with our customers.  His wife Shree leads our product design, website & social media.  Together they make a great team in bringing Mr. Jacobé's vision to fruition in North America & globally.
Sammy Raikatalau & family.  
Tamanu trees are naturally grown in Vanuatu and are pesticide & chemical free. Under Mr. Jacobé supervision and guidance, our family strives to produce the best Tamanu Oil in the world by maintaining the purity and authenticity of our sacred Tamanu Oil.


Thank you to all of our customers who continue to believe in & support what we do.

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